Frequently Asked Questions

What is Child’Space?

Child’Space is a somatic (mind/body) educational process that helps your baby grow into a happier and healthier child by empowering you with indispensable tools to support their cognitive and social development and motor development. You will learn how to stimulate your child’s curiosity by instructive touch and gentle movement that engenders reciprocal nurturing. It was developed by Dr. Chava Shelhav and is based on The Feldenkrais Method.

How does Child’Space work?

We work with you and your baby, teaching simple but precise hands-on techniques that help your baby learn to self-soothe, vocalize, enjoy tummy time and transition to rolling, crawling, sitting and walking. Remember that the way you hold, touch, move and play with your baby effects their development.

Why is Child’Space so helpful for first-time parents?

There is no blueprint to raising a child and grandparents, doctors, physical therapists and Google often offer conflicting advice. We can help you sort through and navigate many of the developmental dilemmas you face, such as:


  • My baby hates tummy time but my doctor says I have to do 5-minutes a day. Do I have to?
  • Is it OK to prop my baby on a boppy for support?
  • My 6-month-year-old loves to stand and push his feet into the floor. Is this good for his development?
  • My baby is not coming up to sit on his, her own, but loves it when I hold her up in seated position. Is this OK?

What is the age range for participating babies?

One-month old babies to independent walkers can benefit from our approach.

Can Child’Space benefit any child?

Every child can gain from Child’Space’s gentle hands-on approach that improves mobility, flexibility and balance. Private sessions are recommended for children with developmental delays—such as rolling difficulties, skipped crawling or late walking. Child’Space can also help address specific problems such as torticollis, hyper/hypotonia or sensory disorders.

What is the difference between classes, workshops and private sessions?

Both classes and workshops follow a core curriculum, but proceed at every child’s pace, giving them the time they need to explore and sense themselves fully. Class size is limited to 8 participants. Private sessions are customized to meet your baby’s specific needs. Both you and your baby will receive hands-on attention. You will develop the sensitivity and confidence in your owns hands to better listen and support your baby. Dads, caregivers and family members are encouraged to participate.

Do I need to take multiple sessions or just one?

It totally depends on your objective. If you want to perfect your hands-on skills, then private sessions will give you the know-how to proceed with confidence. While all the techniques are taught in classes and workshops, it’s up to you to continue practicing on your own with the tools and tips you have learned.

Where are the sessions held?

Group sessions are held at convenient locations throughout Hoboken. Private sessions are held at either our central site or a parent’s home.

Who certifies Hoboken Child’Space practitioners and is the program insured?

Suzanne carries insurance and is certified by NYChild’Space in the Chava Shelhav Method. She is also, a certified Feldenkrais Instructor with hundreds of hours of specialized training. See Credentials for more details.

What are the costs?

Classes are 45 minutes to an hour and cost $25-$35. Workshops run about 90 minutes and cost between $50-$75. Private sessions cost $100-$125.

824 Bloomfield St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
1 (973) 204-0929