A Commitment To Personal Growth

At Move2Live our emphasis is always on learning and personalized attention. Whether you choose a class, workshop or a one-on-one session, you will leave feeling empowered with the knowledge and necessary tools to grow and improve.

The Move2Live Method is a collaborative process. Together, we will explore the infinite ways you can increase your body awareness and change lifetime habits that are no longer useful. No matter your condition, injury or age, improvement is always possible. All it takes is curiosity and a willingness to pay attention to yourself.

Private Sessions

Private sessions allow for highly personalized, focused attention on you. Your first session lasts an hour-and-a-half and will include an in-depth evaluation and consultation to determine your goals and specific needs. Depending on your objectives, your session may be passive, active or a combination of both. You will learn how to sense yourself in new ways that will help you move better, feel better and give you a renewed sense of well being.

Functional Integration™ (FI)

Grounded in the Feldenkrais Method, this highly customized table session is designed to identify movement habits that are causing you difficulty as well as help you resolve them. How you focus your mind and attention can change your brain. Gentle, nuanced touch is used to stimulate “mindful curiosity” and to eliminate unconscious muscular contractions that may be at the root of your pain.

Private sessions last an hour and 15 minutes. They are conducted fully clothed–lying on your back, side, front or sitting up. Individual sessions start at $135, depending on location. Click here to book your “Move Better Now” session.

Small Group Classes

Move2Live weekly classes are purposely small to ensure personalized attention through guided touch, movement and vocal instruction. Our intimate Studio classes are held in Hoboken, NJ and are strictly limited to no more than 6-7 people and reservations are required. Suzanne also teaches classes at the Feldenkrais Institute and at other studios in the NYC and Hoboken area.


Awareness Through Movement™ (ATM) classes teach you to pay attention to how you move, using novel exercises that stimulate your brain. You will discover how movement can become easier, more pleasurable and functional with take-home techniques that you can apply to your daily activities.


Therapeutic Yoga classes will help improve your posture and your regular yoga practice. They will give you tools to cope with current injuries and enable you to practice yoga safely and pleasurably for the rest of your life.


All Small Group Classes cost between $20-$25 per person.

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Workshops provide the perfect opportunity to focus and explore particular themes in greater depth. They range from two to three hours and accommodate from 8 to 20 people. Workshops tend to focus on specific themes such as back pain, TMJ and stress reduction. Past workshops include:



• Self-Care Strategies For Back Pain
• Understanding and Improving Posture
• Solutions For Better Balance
• Happy & Pain-Free Hip Joints


Therapeutic Yoga

• Breathe Better, Feel Better
• Reducing Anxiety, Restoring Calm
• Rediscovering Your Core with Smarter Abs


Child Space
• No Fuss Tummy-Time
• Self-Soothing Strategies for Tiny Tots


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