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Suzanne's eye for alignment and ear for mindful breathing helps keep me honest in my yoga practice. When we're working together her deep focus and continual sense of presence encourages me to break free of habits, both physical and mental. She has helped my practice evolve enormously."

Joe MillerYoga Teacher Trainer & Feldenkrais Practitioner

Suzanne's mindfulness in her yoga instruction has brought my own practice to a profound level of connectivity. Her approach to teaching is always refreshing as she is constantly exploring the limitless possibilities to make her classes challenging for your mind, body and spirit."

Lily Zane  Product Designer

I have learned a great deal from Suzanne and love her teaching style. It is not your typical yoga class—it's for anyone interested in understanding the muscles and breath underlying any yoga practice."

Greta Peterman

What I love about being taught by Suzanne is the constant attention to detail...and the passion she has for yoga. If you want someone who will teach you to focus on the breath, pose and proper alignment—she's your instructor! "

Marcy HardyProduct Development Operations & Human Resources

Thanks to Suzanne, I have learned how to do yoga safely and correctly. Best of all, I’ve learned to breathe effectively. After just a few individual sessions, the pain in my lower back was gone, my hamstrings were significantly looser and my shoulders and neck less tense."

Meighan MeekerPresident, Simply Put, Organizational Solutions for the Home

I've taken yoga before and was not really impressed or enthusiastic to take more. Then I went to one class with Suzanne and was floored by her knowledge. After a few sessions, the difference I saw when it came to dealing with stress was amazing."

Donnella TileryNew Jersey Fashion Week Founder

After Suzanne's Feldenkrais Method workshops I feel taller, lighter and more relaxed. I am much more aware of my body and my habits."

Marcia WholfPhysical Therapist

I initially started my sessions with Suzanne for yoga but quickly felt the benefits of the Feldenkrais technique. The beauty of Suzanne’s instructional technique is not only her passion to teach, but her personalized touch to maximize each move so when I leave her studio I feel length in my height and fluidity in every step down the street.  My balance and posture is improving with each session."

Ken White Financial Consultant

Suzanne has a keen ability to help you become aware of how you move and breathe in patterns that do not serve you well. I have taken both privates and group Feldenkrais classes with her and each time I do, I learn something new. Who would have thought that simply becoming aware of the way you breathe could have such a profound impact on daily life."

Leah Healey  Mediator and Meditation Teacher

I’ve benefited immeasurably from Suzanne’s method of combining Feldenkrais with yoga.  It’s helped me make so many new connections in my body and it’s changed my life. Her customized approach has helped me eliminate most pain and made me feel more aligned and stress free. Plus, she even makes it fun!"

Lisa Frigand Manager of Cultural Philanthropy

My pregnancy has led me to develop tension all over my body. Suzanne taught me safe yet effective ways to release muscle tension, relieve pain and promote relaxation. Most importantly, it encouraged me to take care of myself, which is important because a happy mommy means a happy baby! Her signature attentiveness and one-on-one help made me feel as though I was in a private session with her."

Suzanne Furhman Teacher & New Mother

After neck surgery and three years of traditional physical and occupational therapies following a terrible car accident, I was deemed "medically functional." Nonetheless, I still suffered from nerve damage and had difficulties with balance that resulted in falls and chronic pain. I knew there had to be something more I could do. I found it with Suzanne and Feldenkrais. After just a few months with Suzanne, my nervous system has begun to work more harmoniously, my balance improved and my level of pain has dramatically decreased. My situation may be extreme, but if you have an injury or just want to feel better, stand taller and move with more easily, work with Suzanne. Her passionate commitment makes the difference."

Hjordy Johnston Marketing Executive

During and after a very stressful time in my life—when my father passed—Suzanne helped me breathe again and feel good, relaxed and strong. She’s also shown me ways to move which prevent wear and tear on my body. At the end of a class or private session, I always feel new again."

Wendy SetzerJeweler

I tried everything I could think of—from physical therapy to acupuncture—to help with my neck and back pain.  Then I found Suzanne.  She customized our private sessions to give me tools to deal with stress and tension that caused my pain. I also found that her magic touch materially improved my posture."

Tatiana IliczewaDirector, Credit & Portfolio Group Manager

Suzanne's unique approach and healing hands have had a significant impact on my two neurological disorders, leading to some surprising and significant insights."

Sol MagzamenPhD  Consultant, Medical Education

Suzanne's class is always a treat—it's like having an in-class private."

Melissa SocciMarketing Communications

The search for joy and delight in movement is an immensely underrated aspect of the learning process. Suzanne's playful creativity and her penchant for unconventional, impactful lessons make her a uniquely fascinating teacher. I've delighted in our regular work together."

Alex SramekSoftware Engineer

The search for joy and delight in movement is an immensely underrated aspect of the learning process. Suzanne's playful creativity and her penchant for unconventional, impactful lessons make her a uniquely fascinating teacher. I've delighted in our regular work together."

Alex SramekSoftware Engineer

Suzanne's approach is innovative, down-to-earth and nurturing. She takes the time to understand every client as an individual and address their unique needs."

Dr. Robert FriedPh.D., Author, "Breathe Well, Be Well"

The breadth and scope of her knowledge is astounding—from yoga to Feldenkrais. A former reporter, she scoops cures for her client's physical ailment and stubborn aches and pains like an expert detective. She is direct and accessible, and her prescriptions are simple doable actions. I highly recommend you give her a try."

Carolyn AlRoyPsy.D., Psychologist
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